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Welcome to the  BiblePro

A free, concise and more comprehensive spiritual tool



  • Version comparison

    Synchronize the page numbers of the book to quickly write the page number of the book you want.

  • Bible Commentary

    Quickly switch between multiple Bible annotations for reference, and read the annotations aloud

  • Convenient directory

    Supports opening the content of the book by page number, selecting multiple chapters to display simultaneously and viewing the comments, readings or copies of the selected scriptures, etc.

  • bible news

    Supports synchronized highlighting of subtitles with reading, multiple speed adjustment, multiple loop modes, last playback records of different translations, and supports desktop playback of widgets

  • Bible video

    Audio and video explanations of the 66 books of the Bible and support for Bible projects, etc.

  • Bible reading group

    At the same time, it supports Bible reading plans and Bible reading groups, personal study, and group spiritual practice to share your experience!

  • Bible original text

    CBOL original text analysis, original text vocabulary, original text reading loop playback quick index, etc.

  • Bible dictionary

    View related vocabulary with one click and support custom search engines such as Baidu or Google, etc.


BiblePro APP is a step forward from complexity to simplicity, from simplicity to wisdom. Let young people be more enthusiastic about reading the Bible,
It is also more considerate of the elderly who need more personalized apps to continue their habits...